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750 members and our first virtual rehearsal

Well, what a whirlwind couple of days! We hope you enjoyed our first virtual rehearsal as much as we did - over 700 people joined in live and the rehearsal has been watched over 2000 times. Not bad for a choir practice! It was great to get to know some of our Choir slightly better over the course of the rehearsal, hearing people's suggestions for repertoire and have a laugh and a smile at the same time. It was lovely to receive such positive feedback after the rehearsal, with many people saying it was the first time they had smiled in weeks.

We have just received the arrangement of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that we're going to be learning and recording, and look forward to getting going this Friday at 8pm, where we'll be joined by the arranger Bobby Goulder. Be sure to tune into BBC Radio Four's Front Row tomorrow evening from 7:15 too, where Anna will be talking about what the Choir has done so far.

In the meantime, keep spreading joy.

Anna, Ellie & Zoe